Useful telephone numbers in case of need during your stay:


ISyDMA 4 Conference desk :

00962 79 5659761 (Prof. Marwan S Mousa)


Pre-Conference (Spring School on Advanced Materials) desk:

00962 779488104 (Prof Mohammad Omari)


*** More telephone numbers will be sent in due time ***


Emergency Phone Numbers :

Police : 911

Dial 199 to call Paramedics if you need urgent medical care


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Those flying to Jordan will normally arrive at the Queen Alia International Airport. The airport is about 30 kilometers south of Amman.

You can find “Official Airport Taxis” just at your terminal exit door. Rates are fixed for a drive from/to the airport is set.  However it could currently take a range between 20 and 27 Jordanian Dinars for a drive to Amman with a beige colour official taxi from airport. Please note that $1= 0.71 J.D. and 1Euro = 0.8 J.D.) and it is free to change from and to J.D.s.  . At the airport are also found buses that reach Amman 7th circle  where you can take a yellow taxi to Hotel and to drive you at your final destination spending a few Dinars. Normally a bus leave to Amman every 30′ but at night times departures are every 60′. Check the bus time schedule and more info on bus from/to the airport at

From the Airport, the “Official Airport Taxis” official just outside the main door exit would tell you the fixed (unnegotiable price to ypour destination) with an official receipt given to you.

Other than that taxi, in Jordan taxi drivers are regulated by law and rates are established accordingly. However, since distraction is always possible, when the driver starts the drive you are suggested to verify that the metre is on zero (or bare minimum rate). Ask first. May the metre be out of service than you are advised to either change taxi or before sitting negotiate the taxi fare for your transfer?

There are also collective taxis for public transportation in Amman. However, they follow specific itineraries and are not suggested for your commuting.

There are two means of transportations from Amman airport to Irbid. Either by taking airport taxi cab from airport directly to your booked hotel in Irbid (cost about 75 US dollars), or by taking airport bus to Irbid travel complex in Amman (North Travel Complex) and then take public transport to Irbid (cost about 20 US dollars).


Ground transportation - Amman queen Alia airport


Note: If you inform us in advance about your arrival and departure time, flights full details, we will make our utmost to pick you up.



The Jordan Dinar (JD) is the currency used in Jordan for any ordinary transaction. You may find online the current exchange rates updated on a daily basis versus any other official currency. The applicable exchange rate, as of January 2019, is :

1 JD = 1,41 1 Dollar            1 Dollar = 0,709   JD

Visa Requirements :

The Jordanian visa can be easily obtained in advance at all Jordanian Consulates and Embassies worldwide. For many Nationalities visa can be obtained upon arrival at the Queen Alia Int. Airport provided that you have a valid passport. More detailed information can be found consulting:  and

For further information, we suggest you to contact the Jordanian Diplomatic Mission assigned to your country of residence. A letter of Invitation can be sent to everyone who needs it. For that, please contact:

Embassies & Consulates:

Climate in Jordan:

At this time of year, the weather will be beautiful, warm and enjoyable.  Although at night it might get cool and you might need a jacket.

About Irbid:


Note: If you inform us of your special needs we will do our utmost to keep you happy.  Jordan is a very hospitable country with a friendly people.  We will have a team of students to accompany you wherever you want to go.  Remember: we want you to leave Jordan with good memories and we believe you will. Do not hesitate to ask the organizers; we are there to support you.  Try to join the groups in visits arranged throughout the school and the conference.